Request Information About Freemasonry
If you are not a member of the fraternity and would like further information about it, please feel free to send email to:  which will get your request to our Worshipful Master and our secretary.
Should you have content to add, or questions about our web page, contact
our Web Master, Jack Biggs, by emailing him at or feel free to contact any officer of this Lodge or any member of the Fraternity whom you may personally know. They will be happy to provide you with facts regarding our fraternity.
Although the Masonic fraternity does not solicit members, our Lodge would be pleased to provide you the necessary information to enable you to make a sound and mature judgment on your own. After that point, if you are interested in petitioning a Lodge, further information can be made available to you.
To those Masons as well as non-Masons visiting this Web Site, you may also contact the Grand Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of Maryland, at (410) 527-0600 or their web page by clicking on the Grand Lodge of Maryland, who will also be pleased to provide you further assistance.
From the Worshipful Master, Officers, Past Masters and brethren of Charity Lodge, we thank you for visiting with us today, and we hope that your visit has been enjoyable and beneficial to you.

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